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Available Beach Accommodations in the Siam Bay Resort

Our Brand new Sea View Villas and Private Pool Villas

The Private Pool Villa and Sea View Hillside Villa village in the Siam Bay Resort. The Siam Bay Ko Chang Villa village has another, more private, swimming pool especially for the villa guests, so those guests won't have to desent from the Villa area every time they want to take a quick dip in the pool.

The Private Pool Villas

There are just a couple of these wonderful spacious (100 m2) Pool villas available in the Villa Village. Each Pool Villa consist of 2 main rooms and 3 smaller rooms. Both the bedroom as well as the living room are situated on the front of the Pool Villa, so that you can enjoy the wonderful sea and beach view at any time and not miss a second of the beautiful sunsets. Right behind the large bedroom there is huge area to hang and fold enough clothes to last you a month. Opposite this is a large washing basin with a big mirror. Depending on which of the Pool Villas you will be staying in, the separate shower room and toilet will be to your left, while the larger bathroom with the bath tub is to your right. In the front of the Pool Villas you will find and a large terrace area and, more important, the excellent pool where you can take a refreshing dip whenever you feel like it, enjoy a back massage from the strong spray jets which are located in the wall behind the in pool seat or just float around to get tanned without being fried right away. Obviously these Pools are a great way to keep the kids happy and in close proximity during the daytime and these Pools make a very romantic place for parents and other couples at night, when the pool light is on and the stars and moon come out.

The Baan Sod Sai Hillside Villas

Our newest villas are the little sisters of the Pool Villas in many ways. Still measuring an spacious 60 M2, the only things that really sets them apart from each other is the lack of a private Pool and living room area. The bedrooms are still quite large and the Baan Sod Sai Hillside villas have an excellent view of the sea and the island in front of our Kai Bae beach. These Sea View Villas also have a separate shower, toilet and the huge closet area. In most of these villas there are 2 doors to the back areas on both sides of the beds. The large, mostly glass terrace doors in front of the bed can slide open so you will be able to enjoy the great views, sun and fresh sea breeze at any time.

Baan Yong Yuth Buri Sea Front Bungalows

These wonderful Baan Young Yuth Buri beach bungalows stand only meters away from the Sea, right on the very child friendly, safe and quiet Kai Bae beach. All of these luxury bungalows are equipped with Air Conditioning, separate tropical bathroom with Hot Water shower, a separate western style toilet, Cable TV, mini Refrigerator, ceiling fan and a very spacious Terrace with a magnificent view of the Sea, right in front of it. These beach front bungalows are available with King sized double beds or larger than standard twin beds.

Phu Pha Buri Hill side Family Bungalows

The immensely popular Phu Pha Buri Family bungalows stand on the foot of the hill with an excellent View of the Sea in front of it. Unfortunately there is no sand beach in front of these 4 - 7 person Sea View bungalows, but it will take even the smallest ones only 60 steps to get to the beach and swimming pool. In these spacious bungalow you will find two twin mattresses on the ground floor in front of the TV and two big queen sized mattresses on a half open floor upstairs. Usually these bungalows offer enough sleeping places for a family with 4-5 young children. All of these family bungalows now come with a perfect Sea View, Air conditioning, separate bathroom with hot water shower, sink, toilet and urinal, a TV and a big terrace with a view.

Sakorn Buri Sea Side Bungalows

Much like their slightly younger brothers on the hill, these Sakorn Buri seaside bungalows are some of the most affordable bungalows in the Siam Bay Resort and relatively speaking: on most of Koh Chang. The Rim Talay bungalows have returned for use by the general public only recently after they have underwent a complete renovation in April of 2010. Before these first generation bungalows on Koh Chang had been deemed unsuitable for international visitors for several years due to the wear and tear of being enjoyed by our much appreciated guests for more than a decade. Please know that although these Sakorn Buri bungalows do stand on the edge of the sea, there is no beach right in front of these cozy 2 and 4 person bungalows. Depending on the tides and weather conditions on Koh Chang you will look out over several meters of rocks and vegetation or over just the emerald blue sea. Because most of these rock and the clambshells on them have nearly razorsharp edges, there is no access to the sea from these bungalows, but of course the Sakorn Buri guests are just as welcome as everyone to make use of our private beach and the main swimming pool located between 40-60 meters away. Like the Bay View bungalows, the Sakorn Buri bungalows are equipped with a large double bed, a bathroom with hot water "rain" shower, western style toilet and a small fountain with mirror, an Air Conditioner, Ceiling Fan, Cable TV and a Sea side terrace. We are still in the process of renovating the larger 4 person Sakorn Buri bungalows, so below are pictures of the smaller 2 person version of these sea front bungalows on Koh Chang. Once we finish the 4 person seafront bungalows, we will upload images of those asap.

Things to Do on Koh Chang

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